we do Kunst

create. consult. communicate.

We are Operabooom, a creative production company focusing on high-quality creative content. We combine diverse art genres to create aesthetically dynamic audio-visual promotional communication and live productions for events. We also provide exclusive consulting.

Whether creation or communication, the connection of art, image and music is central to our planning and action. We create products with deep aesthetic impact that inevitably leave a resonant, lasting experience. Our many years of diverse experience in the arts – from opera to performing arts,film to photography – let us harness the aesthetic power of combining separate art forms into original and unique works, whether images, clips and films for digital and social media, or spectacular live productions.

In our exclusive consultations, we support companies and institutions with innovative concepts to discover and develop core competencies in order to sharpen their profile.

We are a European production company based in Bolzano, Italy and Berlin, Germany.

In all we do, our motto is:


With the Power

OF Art!